Hola from 2015!

HAHAHAHA, omg livejournal. So it's been a year. It's so funny and weird flipping through my old posts. I really wish my drawings were still visible. Anymahoot, life is good. I'm mostly on tumblr now. Ciao!
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Everything will be ok!

The words I've been living by the past few weeks. Some days it is harder than others and I come to realize I worry about too many things. I'm 28, have no children or spouse to support, and live in New York City! While other people my age are raising families or making 6 figures I'm doing my best to get by on my art and part time job at a small eco friendly boutique. Seriously I'm not complaining or saying I wish I had what other people have. I'm very grateful for my family and friends. I just get this feeling of "am I doing this right?" or "is it wrong to want things a certain way?" I'm positive everyone has felt this at some point. It is a part of life. Just as long as I don't let those thoughts get in the way of creating or living.

This post isn't about anything specific. I've been bogged down with work (not artwork sadly) and preparing for my first solo art show (it went very well!).
I have two more conventions coming up and will have a few pieces in an upcoming show. If you're going to be at Anthrocon in July or Otakon in August, please stop by my table! I'm super excited to be displaying my work at these cons and hope people will like what they see. While I don't consider myself shy I know I'm not as social as others. I do enjoy meeting new artist and people when I attend conventions and shows so please stop by if you can!

Life is good. Just read The Doomsday Vault, The Impossible Cube, and The Dragon Men by Steven Harper and it has really inspired me. Reading the books was so great! Anytime I would ride on the train it would instantly change to where ever I was in the book. I could really relate to the characters and LOVE Alice & Gavin. Haha, while the pervy woman in my mind wanted steamy sex scenes the books stayed away from that and it really kept me interested. "Maybe now they fall into temptation, bwhahaha!" I would think to myself as I'd get to parts of the books when they were alone together. But nope. Instead the story continued and characters developed and grew and fought and loved and some even died! Yes yes, this was a delightful series and I loved the ending cause I'm a sucker for happy endings. I do wonder about a few things but it is ok to have a few lingering thoughts.

It made me think about my own story/web comic Lady Crimson and how I should finish it. Thanks for reading! You can find me on these places online:
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Winter holiday update!

I started typing this on Tumblr but realized it would be better to post it here since it is more personal and this is a blog.

Branson gave me the Sookie Stackhouse books so I'll be more than entertained on my subway rides for the next few weeks. Also a grooming kit to use on Ace! I'm going to give him a mohawk. AND pepper spray. Something I was told I should have in NYC but never got around to getting. It's on my keychain now. I sprayed it in the park on some snow. That stuff has red dye in it so when I spray it on someone it stains them. Then when I tell on them to the police they know to look for someone rolling on the ground with pepper spray in their eyes and red dye on their face.

My sister got me the most amazing shoes. I love them. I want to wear them every day. They have pandas. I'm not a giant panda fan but the shoes are AMAZING. They have pandas! How can they not be amazing? They also remind me of her because she liked pandas when she was younger.

The Borovics got me a neon furry hat. *3* I dunno what else to say about it. My cool points go up by 200% every time I put it on. Best armor in the subway. "That woman is wearing the pelt of a neon pink muppet on her head. She must be a mighty hunter. Do not anger her."

Del's collection of "things that remind me of pants" made me feel very special. From the fairy calendar to the Harajuku Mini pencil case I can tell she spent a lot of time carefully picking out each gift. It makes me happy that even though we don't spend much time together she still thinks of me. One of the bracelets she got me won't come off though. I've tried but I don't want to break it so it's just going to be on my arm till it falls off. I think she did this on purpose but I'm not complaining. It's cute and kind of steam punky colors. I like it. Also getting Animal Crossing for the Wii so I can play with Branson was very thoughtful. We'll make an awesome town and hope anyone else with the game will be willing to dust it off and play with me sometime.

Divi gave me the most amazing cookies and did a spectacular job watching over Ace during my absence. She also gave me a smile when I was feeling down at home with her texts and phone calls. Jen also did a great job watching Ace and preparing things for Maddox's arrival. Her gift of donuts for Hanukkah were delightful. I'm so grateful for these two wonderful roommates and look forward to the next year with them by my side. Thank you ladies!

Last but not least the gifts my family gave me made me want to cry tears of happiness. Even though I feel so far away they always remind me how close we will always be. My dad got me a calendar with fancy Maltese pictures and godiva chocolates, both parents paid for my ticket home this Christmas, my mom got me jeans, a jean jacket, gave me the greatest haircut, paid for my bright and cheerful mani pedi, fed me amazing home cooked meals, and both parents hugged me every. single. day. My sister got me a teal and purple infinity scarf I intend to wear every single day, the amazing panda shoes, and paid for lunch one time we were out. Haha, I'll never forget my reaction to that kids meal. I think she wanted to laugh at me the whole time once she found out why I was so upset. Two pieces. That is all I'll say about that. I laugh thinking about this now.

Coming home to the mountain of greeting cards was so heart warming. I love them all. Kae & Liz's card leaves a trail of glitter everywhere it goes, Lindsey's holiday Talbot made me giggle, Phantom's adorable scary foxes will give Maddox ideas on how to deal with mice, the Rickey's family portrait with Santa is so cute, the Ledford's polar bears are chillin, Lys's homemade watercolor christmas cookies are delcious, and the Alvarado family card warms my heart. Thank you all very much!

This year was rough and strange for so many people and I know ALL my friends were thinking of my just like I thought of all of them. Thank you thank you thank you! I felt it was important to let you all know.

Ok, now that I did that, don't forget I'm still open for commissions! Hahaha, here is the commission info:

I have a convention coming up in two weeks so any little bit helps! If you're in Columbus Ohio stop by my artist alley table at Ohayocon. :3

Much love from Savi & Ace! Goodbye 2012!

Just because

Wow! People still use lifejournal.

I'm all over the place online now. It's sad looking at my older post with the 403 forbidden image link things. I hope to put my older comics online somewhere soon. Hopefully you're still following my comics!

Life in New York is hard work. Still looking for new jobs and thinking about going back to school. I still whine all the time and eat more than I should. Really happy with my boyfriend, roommates, friends, and dog. Family is doing well. I'm so grateful I've been drawing more this year than I have in a long time.
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How to find me!

Hello Folks!

Long time no see. Who's still out there? In case you're wondering what I'm up to or where I've gone you can find me here:

Thanks for following me all these years and worry not, I have not forgotten you livejournal! Sadly the first few years of unlazy were hosted by image shack so my old post no longer have images. I don't have a subscription with them so I can only have 500 images up at a time. I have 1000+ unlazy strips or so. I will be slowly uploading them on so check there frequently for your old favorites!

See ya later!

Summer Fun. Round 2.

My mom calls me at 8 today trying to remain calm but I can tell in her voice she is worried. She tells me she is taking Ace to the vet and ask me to call my dad to find out when he thinks things started feeling weird. At this point I'm no longer sleepy even though I had a rough night of sleep.

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I'll be looking at apartments today. I need to do laundry. I'm sure the bad sleep will catch up to me.

I'll be picking up A LOT of shifts at work in August. Otakon is next week. I get paid next week but at this moment I have $20 in my purse and that is it. I can't touch the money in my account because it would close it. A hint, only double digits in there now. So if I wanted to make prints or new minis I couldn't. I'm not in a good place right now. Branson came over the other day and all I wanted to do was sit there next to him. Didn't want to watch a movie, draw, or stuff. I realize I've been a grumpy person at work and my thoughts have been negative lately. It makes me unhappy. I gotta keep moving forward and have faith. At least, that is the advice I'd give anyone else in my position. I'll be trying to take my own advice. You know, be unlazy, everything will be ok, just keep smiling, and don't stress over things you have no control of. Oh and drink more water.

This post is kind of mopey. I'm sorry about that.
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Just keep swimming

We'll be trying to sign a lease at some point this week. Then Otakon the week after that. And figure out moving when we get back. Gotta get to work in a bit. Ciao for now.

A cat named Fidget

If you're curious about your monthly forecast you can look at it here:

I went skating on Friday with Crispy and then yesterday trying to meet up with Branson. I still need to build up my stamina and balance. Would like to grab some wrist guards.

The cat named Fidget woke up and decided to curl up by my head and knead at my shoulder. Like a massage. He didn't use his nails which was a good thing. All the cat sitting I've done, I never trusted a cats paws by my neck or face. This dork is a sweetie. It's Jordan's new cat. He wants to change it's name to something "romantic" or whatnot. All his cats have strange names. He said maybe he'd call the cat Figment. I liked it. Then this morning he wanted to call it Faust. I don't like it. I think fun easy names are best. But it ain't my cat and I'll be outta here in August.

My commission drive is still on: Two for one deal
Or you can give a donation: Click on the donation button

In a tight spot now. Default on loans is on the horizon. Ugh. Planning on moving at the end of the month and really need the extra money. I'll be applying to other jobs/part time positions on Tuesday. Looking at possible apartments on Thursday and going to try a livestream on Friday. I'll be working on Otakon stuff and updating the website so if you're interested in that kinda stuff I'll keep you posted.

Katie is back from her bicycle trip with her dad. You can read about it here: Lifeblood Ride
Jordan just sent the next issue of Moonshot to print. Check out the kickstarter page: Moonshot Mag

Other then that, life is good. I'm healthy. Relationship with Branson is pretty cool. Still working at Sustainable. Making new friends. Learning to live in the city (haha, learn new things everyday!).

And the winner is...

These haven't been about anything really. Just doodles I guess.

I didn't watch the voice while it was live. I've only caught it on hulu but its still so cool! yay!!!!

I'm happy that Javier won. Anyone of the four could have won and I would have been happy. Great show.

Amanda, my sister! Try out for next one!

Return to normal life.

Today's Aries Horoscope:

Wednesday, Jun 29, 2011
By Rick Levine
You may be pumped up today, but you wish that someone else would pick up your positive attitude and run with it. You can grow tired of being the one who always gets things going. You could be ready to give up or you might decide to give it one more try. Although a complicating quincunx between pushy Mars and unrelenting Pluto makes it almost impossible to know what's best, trust your initial impulse and don't let doubt slow you down.

Whoo hoo! I do feel energized and rested. I got back on Monday and Branson picked me up from the bus stop. Helped carry my luggage through the subway and to my apartment. Then skated off to work. He came over yesterday after work and crashed in my bed while I got some drawing done. It was relaxing and sweet. Once he finally got up I was finished with my work and decided to make breakfast for dinner :p We had pancakes, eggs, and bacon. So good! Watched 9 and then took a nap. He had to go to work at 8:30pm, over night shift, and I mumbled that I'd lock up after him. I didn't move from that spot till 7:30 this morning. Luckily Jordan was around and locked up for me. I was out like a light. I even had a missed phone call! Don't remember the phone ringing once!

Anymahoot, back to the real world. Anytime I go to a con I end up working the very next day so it ends up not feeling like a vacation. This time I was able to slowly get back into my routine. I'd like to continue getting to bed early and waking up early. I feel like I get more work done.

I'll post a picture from the top of the bridge on Twitter later today when I'm walkin to work. :p